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Personal Loans in India

There is a section of people in India, who are in need of the financial helping hand, to meet their requirements. While, most of these requirements come on urgent basis, the sanctioning of loans in this section is also instant. There are some lending agencies, who claim to sanction this loan amount within 2 minutes.

FNFS offers instant soft approval for Personal Loan which further gets disbursed in 48 hours from our in-house NBFC, multiple banks & other NBFCs. Enjoy the fastest process, door step services, transparent processing, simple & easy documentation and competitive lowest interest rate.

We also provide loans to those who are bachelors living on the shared basis or rented.

A personal loan is purely unsecured, short term cash loan, which means that the individual customer is not required to provide the bank with any security (ex. property, jewels) or any kind of guaranty against the personal loan.

Formally, for any urgent cash requirement, we prefer personal loan. It can be taken for any general purposes like education, reconstruction of property/home renovation, a wedding expense, vacation etc. Most of the finance companies or other banks offer Personal Loan up to Rs. 40 lacs for salaried customers. Normally, it can be repaid over a period of 12 months to 60 months. Some of the banks are funding more than that.

The personal loan amount you are eligible for and the personal loan interest rate for you will depend on factors such as monthly income, customers employment history, residence history and past financial credit history along with the pattern. Banks typically have capped the monthly payment (EMI) on your loan to about approximately 60% – 70% of your monthly take home income. However, a customer cannot take a personal loan for any kind of bad investment or expense which is not approved by the banks or by the law.


The FNFS offers the best assistance in personal loans in India. However, here are some basic eligibility criteria which a person needs to meet for successfully availing Personal


The Personal loans can be availed for the needs of all types. Below are some of the basic and general conditions under which people are most often looked, applying for personal loans in India.

  • For marriage

  • For home furnishing

  • For Health and medical conditions

  • For traveling (which has gained a noticeable part in recent years)


  • All salaried people, working either in private or public sectors

  • Also cover self-employed people

  • Individuals need to between 21 years and 60 years

  • Individuals need to have had a job for at least 2 years, with a minimum of 1 year with the current employer

  • A minimum income of Rs. 15000 per month. However, this varies as per city, you are residing in. In case of self-employed, they have to show proof of minimum income.

Important details

  • Personal loans India generally have a higher rate of interest

  • Loan tenure is not high as other loan types like Home loans etc. comes with

  • Less paperwork required

  • Quickest approval when compared to any other loan types.

  • Option to avail loan online

  • 24/7 customer support available with most banks and lending agencies

Comparison chart for the rate of interests and loan amount.

Banks/Finance company Min. Salary Per month in Rs Rate of Interest Between Loan Amount Provides Between
HDFC BANK 15000 10.99% – 18% 1 Lac – 40 Lac
ICICI BANK 17500 10.99% – 18% 1 Lac – 40 Lac
Yes BANK 25000 10.75% – 16% 2 Lac – 40 Lac
Capital First 20000 12% – 24% 1 Lac – 10 Lac
Fullerton India 12000 18% – 40% 25 k – 15 Lac
HDB Financial 20000 14% – 21% 1 Lac – 15 Lac
Tata Capital 20000 12% – 18% 1 Lac – 15 Lac
RBL Bank Ltd 20000 13% – 18% 1 Lac – 15 Lac