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Since inception of this company, we’ve been driven by one single, purposeful goal- investing in the smallest dream. A loan every minute, a million lives touched every year; for us it is just a beginning.

FNFS possesses a diversified product portfolio: loans for individuals and entrepreneurs, MSME loans, Hypothecation loan and small & micro loans. We believe that no dream should go unfulfilled because of the lack of funds. After fulfilling many such dreams, our customers’ trust has fuelled our own dream- to become the largest retail-finance company in the country.

The concept of Mortgage Loans in India is growing day by day. The growth of the mortgage loans in India is boosted by the development of the real estate and increment in the activity pertaining to construction. The mortgage loans in India were previously supplied mainly by the financial institutions but now the commercial banks are also providing mortgage based loans to various types of customers. The commercial banks provide mortgage loans on nominal rates of interest.


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